Choose the Right Car Seat, Strollers and Toys for your Baby

Nothing is more important than your child. There can be no compromise in the clothes that he wears and the toys that he plays with.

With so many toys available in the market, choosing the right toy for your child becomes very difficult. Teethers, rolling ball, small trucks and tricycle are some of the toys available for your toddler. Your kids could play with games like puzzles, educational games, board games, etc.

It is very important that you inspect the toy properly before you buy them because certain parts in a toy may injure the child. Buy toys which compliment your kids age. Certain toys which are not well made fall apart and injure your child. Read all the information available about the toy that you buy because some toys may contain toxins which may harm your child. Also buy toys that are washable which will make it more hygienic. DON’T buy toys that are smaller than 1 inches in diameter or 2 inches in length, as they may choke your child.

Jogger stroller makes it convenient for mothers to take their babies along when they go out. Jogger strollers have large wheels which can handle uneven surface with ease. The front wheel provides unsurpassed maneuverability which helps in moving your baby in malls, car parks and other rough terrain areas. Strollers have suspensions which make your babies ride smooth and are ideal when you go out for jogging.

When buying a Stroller make sure it is made of aluminum. This makes the stroller light and rust resistant. Large wheels in the stroller increase their maneuverability. The 12 inch wheel works well only on smooth surface whereas the 20 inch wheel suits any terrain. Well padded seats make the ride convenient for babies. Don’t buy the stroller if they cannot be folded with one hand.

Ensure your child’s safety by using car seats meant for infants. If your baby weighs less than 20 lbs and is less than one year old then infant car seat can be used. If your baby is more than 20 lbs but below 40 lbs then infant toddler seat must be used.

There are certain points that you must keep in mind before you buy infant car seat. Firstly it must be easy to install, this will ensure that your baby is properly restrained and there is no danger to his life. Secondly infant car seat must come with five point safety harnesses i.e. one for each shoulder, one for each thigh and one between the legs. The third important point that you should remember is that you must be able to make adjustments from the front because his helps in buckling your child very easy.

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