Choosing Appropriate Toys for Three to Four Years Old Children

Choosing toys for children is a serious work. A right toy will promote the development of children, while an unsuitable one will on the contrary, do harm on children and impede their development. Children 3 to 4 years old begin to have specific imagery thinking. At this time, parents can choose toys of various images to help them understand the world and lead them to do various simple games. The following are some tips for choosing the right toys for children.

First, choose some structure toys. Such as building blocks, assembly puzzle, different shapes of boards, three-ply board, plaster, plasticine and so on. Let children do some structural games with these materials, building bridges, construct trains, make animals, and table etc. Carrying out creative games can develop children’s imagination and creativity. Beat toys are every children’s favorite, bring them fun and confidence. These structure toys develop children’s hand fine motor and eye-hand coordination ability, promote language expression capability.

Second, choose some competition toys. Competition toys build a competitive consciousness, also helps to develop children’s collective spirit and mutual corporation spirit. Parents can choose toys like, flight chess, some children dice toys, and some competitive chess toys.

Third, choose some creative toys. For 3 to 4 year olds, some creative toys will attract more attention from them. “Beads” is one of the best creative toys, for children can try various colors and unlimited picture designs. Colored mud is also an indispensible toy. Children can make interested items, scenes and things, such as lovely cat, boiling dumplings, fierce dinosaur or plane.

Finally, choose toys along with the growth of children. The more varieties and types of toys available on the market, the prices will be higher. In choosing toys, children, the same with adults, will be easily attracted by the fashionable novel packages and selling skills. Therefore, adults can use their good judgment to make sure which toy will have a lasting appeal to children and whether has continuing game fun. The recommended toys, wisdom stick box contains 55 sticks, not only help children to recognize numbers 1 – 10, master the order of numbers, also the correspondence of numbers and the names of numbers. Process of counting numbers develops children’s hands-on ability and language expression ability.

For children, playing toys is their work, from which they can learn much knowledge. It helps children to become smarter and can also broaden their horizons. Choosing a toy really suitable for your child will maximize its effectiveness.

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