Choosing the Right Frame For Your Glasses

One of the most important factors in selecting glasses is choosing the right frame for your glasses. We all want the glasses to suit us so perfectly as to enhance the beauty of our face. You can, of course, go for the trendiest and popular frames available in the market, but if they don’t go with your face shape or your skin color, the stylishness will fall flat. So, you must make a few considerations before deciding upon what kind of frame to purchase. There are, in fact, three chief points that you need to keep in mind while buying a frame for your glasses.

* Your eyewear should highlight your best natural feature. For e.g. if you have blue eyes, go for a pair of blue frames.

* Next thing is that the frame must be a contrast to the shape of your face.

* And finally, the frame-size should be selected keeping parity with your facial size. Faces have different size. So try to identify your face type by comparing with face shapes easily available in the Internet. The most prevalent ones are round, oval, oblong, diamond and square. Once you have identified your own facial shape, your customer service technicians can be sure that you have chosen the right kind of frame for yourself. Also, try to find out whether you are a warm or cool color person. That will help you to decide what kind of color should be selected for your frame.

There are three main things to keep in mind while determining this. They are:

* First, people have two kinds of skin tones- cool or blue based and warm or yellow based. A cool complexion means a hint of blue or pink tinge in your skin. Warm skin type radiates a ‘peaches and cream’ feel. Generally speaking, olive skin is considered cool because it’s a combination of blue and yellow. All of us undoubtedly appear best in our natural skin intonations. But you should also consider your clothing style in order to choose the correct frame.

* The next thing to look for is whether you eye color is warm or cool.

* The last point here is the temperature of your hair color.

All these taken together will tell you if your color is warm or cool.
Now, choosing frames will be a lot easier for you! Knowledge about your facial shape and color temperature will make you competent in selecting just the kind of frame that suits you best both in terms of style and color.

* If you are warm colored person, go for shades like khaki, gold, orange, white, bright red, warm blue, and a blond turquoise.

* If you are cool colored, your can opt from colors like black, bluish gray, magenta, pink, blue or darker turquoise.

Remember, your glasses not only look after your eyes, they also allow you to make an impressive style statement. You can express yourself and your personality easily, simply by choosing the right glasses, or sunglasses for yourself. Suitable glasses can revolutionize your appearance. They can turn an everyday outfit into something rocking.

In order to be that rock star through a pair of glasses, you need to discover and determine what you individually need from your pair of glasses. Of course function is important, but don’t ignore the fashion part in the muddle. There are so many types and styles of frame available in the market that it is indeed a pretty perplexing job to find the correct pair.

Suzanne Hughes is an eyewear style consultant who specializes in reading sunglasses . Visit her website for great glasses and styles from top fashion designers such as Clic reading glasses , Scojo Vision, Seeqa and Others.
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