Complete Guide for the Beginning Comic Collector

Through the years of different forms of entertainment, the comic collector has found a hobby in comic books that surpasses the longevity of other forms of entertainment. The thin little animated books continue to maintain an impressive share of the entertainment market and also holds a pretty large piece of the consumer spending pie. With the introduction of the Internet, the market for the books has grown incredibly as new generations of readers continue to enjoy the hobby.

There are a few different ways to becoming a comic collector. Some people are fans of a specific hero, group, storyline, or publisher, so they purchase the books that fit into that specific category. They purchase them for their own entertainment sometimes and dont concern themselves much with the after market value of the publications.

Another type of comic collector is one that concentrates on finding limited editions or older, rare comics for the purpose of gaining a return on their investment. This form of collecting usually requires a certain knowledge of the market, and the money to purchase those issues is also needed.

There are different eras that the books can be categorized into. The Platinum Age is the oldest, dating between the 1800s and 1937. The Golden Age comes next and includes the years from 1938 to 1955. The Silver Age includes those books that are dated between 1956 and 1969. Next follows the Bronze Age, dating from 1970 to 1979. Every comic book that was created from 1980 to present day is considered a Modern Age comic. Every period of time is unique and has distinct characteristics that define the way that they were distributed, written, and produced. The older the book is the more valuable it usually is, but there are also many rare books that a comic collector can find from the modern age.

Fortunately, there are many outlets that a comic collector can use to add to his or her collection. The Internet is the one that offers the widest market and the widest possibilities, which means that the potential market area that a collector can search to add to the collection is nothing less than the entire world. The auction websites and online comic book stores make it so much easier to find what fans are looking for. There are also still plenty of traditional book stores and comic shops that can be found all over the country, so be sure to keep your eyes open.

Youll also need to know that the books are graded according to their condition by a third party company that seals the books in protective sleeves to protect it. Every comic collector should always protect every issue that they own with at least a clear Mylar sleeve.

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