Creative 50th Birthday Present – 5 Tips to Find the Right One

Know someone who is turning 50? Whether a man or a woman, the 50th birthday is a big deal and a cause for celebration. Today, 50 is the new 35. People are, on average, able to do more things with their lives at this age than they could just a few decades ago. Fifty-year olds today are skipping the funny-looking “old person’s” clothing and sticking with jeans and t-shirts.

As this person you know turns 50, you are going to want to help them celebrate with the right birthday present. A well-chosen gift says so much about the giver. It also expresses a lot about how much the giver cares about and admires the recipient.

A Fiftieth Birthday is a Huge Milestone

Let’s face it: 50 years on the planet is something to celebrate. Whether it has been a relatively hard life or a privileged one, there have undoubtedly been a lot of ups and downs along the way. And, he or she has survived all of them, only to grow stronger in the process.

A fifty-year-old has experienced countless economic downturns and booms. They have had countless acquaintances, many friends, and if they’re lucky – a best friend or two. Most have experienced marriage or have engaged in many romantic relationships along the way.

In short: this person is experienced in life! Let’s help them celebrate with the right birthday present.

The Secret for a Man’s Gift: Reaffirm His Masculinity

If there is one essential secret for choosing the right gift for a man turning 50, it would be this: choose something that reaffirms him as a man. Whether the person you know is a “manly man” or a bit more bookish, at some very basic, very real level he takes pride in his masculine status. As a man ages, some of his outward masculine characteristics can go through changes. But, on the inside, he is still all man. Your gift should affirm this in a subtle but real way.

The Secret for a Woman’s Gift: Reflect Her Beauty

For a woman, your gift should reaffirm and reflect her sense of beauty and independence. For a society that values beauty so highly, many 50-year old women try to turn back the tide of time when it comes to how they are aging on the outside. Still, every woman has much inner and outer beauty to celebrate. Your gift should reflect that beauty.

Creative 50th Birthday Present – 5 Tips to Find the Right One

Here are 5 tips for finding a creative 50th birthday present:

1. Think back: what have they been talking about lately?: We all have two sets of personal interests: those things we’ve enjoyed on and off throughout most of our lives, and those interests that come and go with time. When a person turns 50, it can be fun to be “in” on the latest craze – whether it be related to sports, popular movies, books, or fashion. Close your eyes and think back to recent conversations you have had with this person: what new interests have they espoused lately?

2. Keep their age in mind, but don’t be too cautious: Today’s 50-year old can probably do almost any physical activity (within reason) that a 30-year old can do. While the bones may creak a bit more and there are some additional aches and pains after physical exercise, there are few limitations as to what they can do. Be sure to buy a present that is age-appropriate, but don’t overdo it in trying to be too “aware” of their age.

3. Compliment them with your present: Every present sends a message about the type of person you see the recipient as. Make sure your choice sends a complimentary message.

4. Be mindful of your budget: Be sure to keep your budget in mind. That is the best way to avoid giver’s remorse!

5. Go for it: Now, list up at least 5 ideas you have come up with a do some online research to find out how much each thing would cost. Once you have hit upon the perfect idea, do not second-guess yourself. Just go for it and buy him or her the gift they deserve!

Follow these 5 tips to find the right 50th birthday present for him or her.

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