Hi Tech Gadgets Tips: Better Reading By Choosing the Right Portable Reader

Among many hi tech gadgets, the hottest trend of buying electronic gift set is a portable reader. This is a wireless reading device that can read ebooks any time any where.

Consider the below pointers for choosing the right portable Ebook reader for better reading.

1. For your easy and better reading, it is not a good idea to look out for those portable readers with smaller form factor as they may strain your eyes after reading for some time. I personally do not foresee that a smaller screen size like PDA screen type will be popular for portable ebook readers.

2. The portable reader should be affordable with competitive online pricing. Online purchase trend is ever growing especially during this economic crisis time since it saves you a lot in terms of petrol, time and money. You may be able to get some free freebies whenever there is an online promotion.

3. Portable Reader will imply the need for wireless 3G technology. With 3G, you can just read freely any time any where.

4. You may want to get the portable reader with a much larger capacity to store as many Ebooks as possible.

5. The portable reader should support vast ebooks formats and media resources.

6. Advanced text to speech capabilities will enable some portable ebook readers to quantum leap others.

7. Slim and trendy portable readers are quite popular among the youngsters. This increases its portability to many different places.

8. Choose the model with a longer battery life preferably at least 4-5 days of continual usage even it is under wireless 3G mode. Ideally, it can operate at least one to two weeks continually without wireless mode.

9. Similarly like mobile phones, choose the portable reader which has a wide choice of accessories so that you can add them on at later stage if necessary.

With the above pointers in consideration, several hundreds of thousands people choose the latest kindle reader (kindle 2) for their best choice. There are so many of such happy users and they cannot be wrong. For a higher end model, there is another model called Kindle DX.

Check us out for the best portable reader and you can be a happy reader too.

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