Best UK E Cigarette Starter Kits Of 2014

The refillable e cigarette has become very popular with smokers that are looking to kick their nicotine dependency once and for all. The e cigarette experts from Silver Puffin are here to explain why and how to get rid of the cigarettes with the best e cigarette starter kits!

Vaping and e cigarettes have become a cheap and easy way to replace cigarettes. Their popularity has increased year after year since their introduction into the UK market. Many smokers who have tried patches, gum and other stop smoking methods have reported success whilst using e cigarettes. They work very well for many people. Why do they work you ask? Well a good e cigarette starter kit replicates every enjoyable aspect of smoking and leaves out the horrible side effects.

What will the best e cigarette starter kit emulate?

  • An e cigarette starter kit will be portable and easy-to-carry so that you do not ever get caught short and go back to the nasty traditional cigarettes.
  • Replaces that “smoke in throat” feeling with a similar cloud of vapour.
  • Simulates the inhale and exhale of a cigarette.
  • Keeps your hands busy if you find you are someone who smokes when they are bored.
  • You are able to join in social situations where smoking occurs (ie. The pub or smoke breaks at work) cutting the temptation.

Users have reported a number of health benefits that have occurred after swapping from traditional cigarettes. These include a decrease in shortness of breath, less sore throats, coughing stopped and many more.

What will an e cigarette stop?

  • No tobacco smell.
  • A choice of flavours, you can emulate the tobacco taste or go for something fruity.
  • No yellowing of teeth.
  • Healthier gums and oral hygiene.
  • No yellow fingernails and fingertips.
  • No shortness of breath.
  • Live and longer and healthier life.
  • No need for a lighter.
  • No tobacco spillages in handbags or pockets.

There are so many choices now on the e cigarette market it can be difficult to choose a suitable starter kit. At Silver Puffin, our most popular choice is our Atlantic Puffin Starter Kit.

The Atlantic Puffin boasts a slim look and high-gloss feel to both the cigarettes and the casing. We have strived to make the Atlantic Puffin the most attractive electronic cigarette Starter Kit possible. By making an e cigarette this lovely, we know you won’t turn back to traditional cigarettes. The ergonomic case is finished with UV paint for a black mirror effect and slides open to reveal a matt silver lining. It also features a slick, slide-open mechanism, with contact charging capability and a dual digital display. This means you can check the power levels of your spare battery and the case at a glance.

As the starter kits includes two high-performance batteries it means you’ll never be caught short. Each cigarette contains around 400 puffs from each of the five, precision-engineered cartridges, made with only the highest-quality ingredients.  When the cartridge has run out you can just purchase some Atlantic refill cartridges. There are a great choice of refills, with real flavourings from France and natural nicotine derived from tobacco leaves.  Not only that, but when you buy an Atlantic you will receive 10 free samples from the Puffin Apothecary!

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