Electronics Recycling Is The Need Of The Hour

In this technologically dominated world, almost every product runs on electronic mode, as a result of which, thousands of tones of electronic waste are added to the landfills every year. It has been observed that most people dump these electronic wastes in the same manner they dispose off their normal household garbage. This strategy can…

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Choosing the Right Toy For Your Toddler

You may want to give your toddler the best toy that there is in this world. It is but a parent’s pride to give his child the best that he can give. Apparently, not every parent knows the best toy for his child. This article aims to help you decide on the best toy that…

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Health and Wellness Magazine

At IgNITE Magazine, our commitment to health and wellness plays a vital role in our vision to make quality health care affordable. This Magazine is centered around wellbeing of the Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul with the conviction that the most ideal path forward is an adjusted methodology went for all parts of our being.Prevention…

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