Econowall: The UK’s Resource For Slat Wall And Everything Shop Fitting

Want to spice up your shop by adding some professional looking displays? You may find that you need to supplement or upgrade your existing inventory display system by adding some highly versatile and multi-purpose slatwall fixtures. Econowall, the UK’s first choice for slatwall, has a great selection of slatwall fixtures of all descriptions and more. You can choose from their wide selection of slatwall panels, inserts, hooks and accessories, special slot slatwall, slatwall gondola stands, slatwall shelves, slatwall pro trims, and much more. In no time at all, you’ll find your storefront converted from a boring, run-of-the-mill setup to something massively efficient, professional, and appealing to customers and employees alike.

More Than Just A Slatwall Outlet

Econowall specialises in supplying the UK with all of its slatwall needs, but they also have more to offer. Just about everything you need to outfit your shop or retail space can be found at Econowall. Take the time to browse through their catalogue of clothing displays featuring a range of dummies and lifelike mannequins, take a look at their shop essentials with items like cash registers, barriers, queue ropes, carpets, shopping baskets, sing age displays, and more.

They also carry just about everything your business might need to display products in a storefront, with items like counters, card racks, bakery units, metal shelving and basket displays, grid wall, and other helpful space-saving items, all of which are ideal for attractively displaying products. If you’re outfitting a storefront, Econowall can easily be your one-stop solution for all of your shop fitting needs. 

A Closer Look At Slatwall

For the uninitiated and newcomers to the world of shop fitting, the possibilities of slatwall — and indeed its very definition — maybe a hazy matter. Slatwall is a highly effective building material used in storefronts.It allows displays to be easily changed and completely customised. The material itself is a series of panels made with horizontal grooves that are designed to play host to a variety of merchandising accessories. The grooves are sometimes fitted with connecting pieces, such as plastic and aluminium connectors, to allow them to attach to various types of accessories that can be easily mounted on the slatwall installation.

Slatwall fixtures are immediately familiar to anyone who has been shopping in a mall, department store, or any type of retail store. Slatwall is an extremely popular material because it can easily be reconfigured to accommodate different types of display mounts, such as hooks, shelves, baskets, or even custom installations. Thanks to slatwall, businesses and store owners can have displays that change regularly without requiring a complete reconstruction. Simply change a few pieces of the slatwall, and voila — you have a new setup! The modular nature of a slatwall installation has the potential to pay for itself in savings for any shop that routinely changes displays.

Find What Is Right For You

The slatwall experts at Econowall will be happy to provide some advice and direction for getting your store aslatwall installation to suit your unique needs. Browse through their large catalogue, and please do not hesitate to contact their helpful and friendly customer service with any questions or concerns.

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