Shopping For Wedding Favors At The Last Minute

With so many things to keep track of while planning your wedding, it can be easier than you think to forget about buying your wedding favors. Since everything is so expensive when planning a wedding and there are literally hundreds of small items that you need to remember to buy, it’s easy to see why wedding favors wouldn’t necessarily be at the top of that list. The good news is that there are plenty of wedding favors that you can shop for at the last minute that won’t look like you had to buy them in haste. Most of these items are readily available at local stores or you can have them shipped overnight express to get them in time for your wedding.


Candles are always a great wedding favor, and you can find them at pretty much every store. Not only are candles incredibly easy to find, but they are also one of the least expensive wedding favors you can buy. When shopping for candles, make sure you try to buy in bulk. There are usually large bags with 100 or more candles in them, and buying them like that is much cheaper than buying them individually. You’ll need to buy candle holders too, and those are usually located right next to the candles when you’re at the store.


Giving your guests photos can be an elegant way to solve your wedding favors crisis, and your guests will absolutely love the sentiment. It is even better if you can find pictures of you with the person you’re giving the photo to as a wedding favor, but this isn’t really necessary and sometimes isn’t possible because of either time or resource constraints. You’ll need to pick up a bunch of picture frames, but you can usually find them at any dollar store for really cheap.

Wedding Sparklers

Another really cheap idea is to give your guests wedding sparklers to use during either your ceremony or reception. There are two main problems with using sparklers at your wedding, the first of which is that they are not always allowed by the venue manager. The second issue is that most local stores won’t carry wedding sparklers except during certain parts of the year. This means that you’ll need to have them “rush shipped” if you need them in a hurry unless your wedding will fall during the right time of the year.

Christmas Ornaments

Another fun idea is to have custom Christmas ornaments printed to give to your guests. There are a lot of shops at your local mall that can handle getting this job done overnight for a fairly modest fee. The best part is that your guests can relive the magic of your wedding each year when they hang up their ornaments as a family while at the same time your wedding favor crisis can be averted.

Whether you have one week or one day to figure out where to buy your last minute wedding favors, just remember that there’s always an option available. It may take some savvy shopping skills and creative thinking, but at the end of the day your guests will love the wedding favors you find and will cherish the memories from your wedding for a lifetime.

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