Starbucks More Than Just Coffee

The minute you walk in, there’s a feeling of calm and relaxation. The aroma that flows in the air grabs your attention. The background music is just the right mixture of sounds to sooth any tensions you may have. You look around, watching people talk, read, surfing the internet and of course drinking and enjoying the world’s best coffee.

Yes it is Starbucks, the place where drinking coffee has become an event. But it’s more than coffee, it’s a place where people get their morning coffee or tea before going to work, its place where they gather after work to relax and talk. Students get together and study for their exams or work on projects. It’s better than the library because they can talk without disturbing anyone, they can have their beverages and the environment is safe for them to be in. They also have access to Wi-Fi.

Their coffee is rich full of flavor with a variety of choices to choose from. They have coffee that is strong, light, flavored, espresso, Frappuccino, mochas, latte and more. You can also have tea, and Starbuck Refreshers which is a refreshing beverage made with real fruit juice with a kick of caffeine.

One of the more popular gifts that people give to each other especially around the holidays is a Starbucks gift card. It’s an easy gift choice because who doesn’t’ go to Starbucks?  They will appreciate getting the card.

There are others who try to imitate Starbucks but they can’t, they are the original. In addition to the beverages, you can eat there as well. Starting with a nice egg and cheese sandwich, reduced fat bacon style turkey, egg white spinach & feta wrap and the classic whole gran oatmeal.

They have an equally amazing lunch menu with a nice black bean quinoa wrap, sesame chicken wrap, Thai tuna wrap or the delicious ham and Swiss Panini. For those who like to go light you can have yogurt or fruit.

For those early evening meetings or hangouts you can have yourself a great selection from their bakery with such tasty treats as cinnamon brioche, a variety of fruit and oat bars, butter croissants and so much more.

You know the quality and dedication Starbucks puts into their coffee and their stores, you can only imagine how great their food menu is.

They also have what they call Starbuck Rewards card where you add money to it. Whenever you purchase anything, they will deduct it from the card, but you will earn points which will entitle you to special deals and free drinks. My daughter has one and she loves it because it makes paying much easier and quicker, plus she receives free drinks once a certain amount is reached.

So if you are in a bind and you need to get a gift for someone right away, don’t fret, just go and get a Starbucks gift card, they will love it. Than you can sit, relax and have some coffee.

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